Alicia keys dating kerry brothers

I don’t know, I’m not sure if I can really see Alicia as The Victim in all of this – after all, Alicia allegedly knew about the Jahna drama while she was boning Swizz, while he was still married to Mashonda.

From what i hear it almost sounded like she was trying to play him out.

I have to admit, when I covered the other Jahna story a few days ago, I told my mom about it, and she had an interesting theory that I’m now agreeing with: that Alicia is totally over her head.

This thing with Swizz is Alicia’s first serious relationship, it’s her first baby, the first time Alicia ever wanted to get married, and she just got in over her head and now she’s embarrassed or too in love to see what a skeezy f-ck Swizz is.

The thirsty paparazzi were on hand during a recent family vacation to St.

The musicians “are expecting a baby and are engaged to be married in a private ceremony later this year,” reps for the couple confirm to PEOPLE.

Just the sheer epic drama of this Swizz Beatz scandal astounds me.

Here is a man who has just impregnated his fourth woman – and his baby-daddy and jump-off drama just keeps growing by the day.

A friend of Swizz told the media, "His relationship with Alicia began after their separation. He still has great love for Mashonda and has promised to take care of her and their son and support her career." But Mashonda argues otherwise. She put her career on hold to be a wife and mother.

She's tired of pretending she's deaf, dumb and blind to what's going on.

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