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After the two were sentenced, News of the World editor Coulson resigns, saying he took "ultimate responsibility," though knew nothing of the offences in advance.

May: Harbottle and Lewis, News International’s lawyers, review internal emails between Mr Coulson and executives, but find “no evidence” they were aware of Goodman’s actions.

May: Mr Coulson becomes head of the new coalition Government's media operation after David Cameron enters 10 Downing Street as Prime Minister.

September: MPs ask parliament's standards watchdog to begin a new investigation into the hacking allegations at the Sunday tabloid and its former editor Coulson.

February: The Met Police release a statement saying officers have identified more potential victims of hacking while reviewing files relating to the original Goodman and Mulcaire case.

They say they are urgently notifying people who had previously been told that police had "little or no information" about them.

Private investigator Glenn Mulcaire is given a six-month prison term.

Goodman and Mulcaire admitted conspiring to intercept communications while Mulcaire also pleaded guilty to five other charges of intercepting voicemail messages.

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Wade tells a parliamentary committee her paper paid police for information.

July: It emerges that News of the World reporters, with the knowledge of senior staff, illegally accessed messages from the mobile phones of celebrities and politicians while Coulson was editor from 2003 to 2007.

It is also reported that News Group Newspapers, which publishes the News of the World, has paid out more than £1 million to settle cases that threatened to reveal evidence of its journalists' alleged involvement in phone hacking.

That prompts complaints by officials of the royal court about voicemail messages being intercepted. 2006 August: Detectives arrest the News of the World's royal editor Clive Goodman and private investigator Glenn Mulcaire over allegations that they hacked into the mobile phones of members of the royal household.

2007 January: The News of the World's royal affairs editor Clive Goodman is jailed for four months.

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