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I can understand not being ready to pay anything yet but I’m borderline bribing him so I wouldn’t be alone at the apartment.

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I put up these walls to protect myself and now its part of the reason I'm even more insecure.

I live with 2 friends who I've known for a while and love like family.

We have a new housemate, she moved in about 2 months ago.

And on top of that, he’s barely talking to me now as it is.

I need an adultier adult to help me figure out what I can do from here on out. We had been talking and hanging out occasionally for about 4 months, and one night after going out he convinces me to sleep with him (as in, I was quite hesitant at first but was eventually like ‘ok yeah alright’). ) was that I’ve had a lot of guys stop talking to me after sex, which just makes me feel really shitty and he said something like ‘I’m not an asshole’.

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