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Now, the likes of Tinder and Bumble represent Generation Y’s status quo.There is such distinct internet etiquette these days that it’s easier to tell if Kara, 22, is in fact, Bob, 56, based on what’s been said. However, not everyone fully understands how to make a bot and earn money (especially now, when the online dating bots market is overflowing).

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The pros of such approach:- a flirt chat bot can simultaneously communicate with thousands of people and bring them to the target action;- a direct entrance to the chat through the ad drastically increases conversion rates.

It seems these numbers can only be attained by successful marketers, which made the team’s success that much more impressive.

Once, the fear of being catfished (lured into a fictional relationship) warded singles off the world of online dating.

But in a world of silently checking your phone, it could be considered a little out there. And so I found myself in a swanky London bar, being ushered into a carousel of candle-lit tables, under a concave ceiling bearing some strange, Picasso-style art.

There were 20 guys and 20 girls, all aged 21 to 31, with guys moving every four minutes.

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