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In 29 of the 30 states with General Assistance programs, the maximum benefit is below There is no federally supported cash safety-net program for poor childless adults who do not receive SSI.

Almost all the states that did not eliminate their programs over the last two decades provide lower benefits now than they did in 1998, in real dollars (i.e., after adjusting for inflation), as Figure 5 shows.

Illinois and Kansas eliminated their programs, Minnesota restricted eligibility, Michigan reduced benefit levels for all recipients, Washington restricted eligibility and reduced benefit levels for all recipients who still qualify, and Rhode Island is cutting benefits for some recipients.

The District of Columbia reduced funding for its program by two-thirds and plans to limit the size of its caseload accordingly.

Some states provide benefits to recipients either in cash or through vouchers; others make all payments directly to landlords or service providers.

Although the services vary for each state, the benefit levels are intended to help recipients meet their basic needs, such as shelter and utilities.

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