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Browse our list of the top local Internet providers, their current plans, and do your own comparison shopping.

Whether you want an inexpensive package or a top of the line plan filled with premium movie and sports channels, like AT&T U-verse, we’ll find you the best deal.Or, save time and call our Internet Experts to research the best plans that fit your Internet needs.Plans listed may not be available at all addresses in Speed test results show an average of 3.43 Mbps download and 0.72 Mbps upload speeds across all mobile, tablet, and desktop devices tested.With the advent of 5G technology nigh, this smartphone Internet trend is only expected to grow. Perhaps a new Netflix Ultra HD service is in the offing?The streaming content provider hopes to add a new service tier focused on 4K video.This move makes sense with many of the OTT streaming services, like Direc TV Now and Sling TV, also raising prices.Perhaps they feel as prices rise, providing more value […] Read more...If you are moving, enter your ZIP code in the search box to find the best Internet service providers in your new area!At Bandwidth Place, we help you with more than your Internet service.We recently discussed how ISPs continue to make it easier for customers to stream TV over the Internet.Windstream partnered with Direc TV Now and AT&T, while Verizon is looking at a similar OTT offering for their new 5G service.

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