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Fire and water, that emotionally intense and moody combination, brings Aries together with the quieter and more receptively attuned Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Aries can bring cautious Cancer out of its self protective shyness; stimulate the complex and hidden Scorpio to a more direct and forthright way of being; and teach Pisces how to focus, set goals and assert itself toward those ends.

Complimentarily, Aries lights the fire of initiative to overcome the sometimes inertial Taurus.

Leo encourages Taurus to bring its talents and accomplishments out into the world, while Sagittarius brings to this simple earth sign a sense of greater significance and meaning beyond personal security, productivity and pleasure.

Libra can teach social graces and interpersonal skills to the basic and individualistic Taurus.

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In relationship, the sign is unconstrained, ingenuously direct, and frank.

In turn, Leo can teach impulsive and sometimes wasteful Aries a certain sustained and self controlled expression of creative energy, while Sagittarius can open Aries to a larger visionary picture.

Aries with the air signs brings fire's intuitive vision, ardour and aspiration together with air's reason, social connectedness, and cool considered objectivity.

Taurus offers serious and workaholic Capricorn a more steady and relaxed approach to production and achievement; awakens cerebral Virgo to a more sensual enjoyment of the body, rather than making the body conform to the mind's standards.

Conversely, socially responsible Capricorn can help Taurus widen the field and purpose of its contributions beyond the personal, while Virgo can encourage an understanding of the complexities of the earth plane beyond the black and white of Taurus' more personal approach.

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