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Owners must install smoke alarm activated lighting in accordance with BCA Clause to assist evacuation of occupants in the event of fire.

The lighting can be incorporated in the smoke alarm units or activated by operation of nearby smoke alarms.

We have produced for PCBUs on worker accommodation.

Worker accommodation provides guidance on buildings, facilities and amenities for worker housing.

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In normal ceilings, this means locating the smoke alarm at least 300mm from any corner.

There has been increased demand for shared accommodation housing such as rooming/boarding houses, residential accommodation, student dormitories (managed by an educational facility) and hostels.

Prescribed accommodation premises where six or more people are living includes: A rooming house is a building in which there is one or more rooms available for occupancy on payment of rent and four or more unrelated people live there.

Owners must install a stand-alone, hard-wired smoke alarm in or near the ceiling in every bedroom and every hallway associated with a bedroom.

If there is no corridor or hallway, a smoke alarm must be installed in any area between the bedrooms and the remainder of the building.

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