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Whilst our five-course dinner was being prepared our appetite was whet with a tasty teaser; a bite-sized morsel of crispy fish skin, lemon emulsion & nasturtium served on long, curved platters to pass down the table.The fish skin was crunchy and salty, just like crackling and the little dollop of lemon emulsion was refreshing and vibrant. A delightfully light celeriac and apple soup followed our amuse bouche.The catch of the day was an undisclosed white fish, cured I believe and served cold with lovage, (a relative of celery) and sea herbs with a really subtle hint of fennel flavour through it.Eagerly anticipated, the next course was the showstopper.

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I’ve discovered some of the best restaurants in Brighton on the recommendation of chefs and restauranteurs.The purpose of the sculpture is for the public to experience what it’s like to ride a big wave, bringing awareness of the beauty and power of our oceans.The sculpture is designed to be mobile, primarily spending most of its time in La Jolla, but traveling to the developer’s other properties as well.The next course; carrot, tarragon & hissop was a joyful journey of flavours and textures.Both purple and orange carrots provided a satisfying crunch, whilst the tarragon sorbet was refreshing and cool.The silverware was noticeably good quality – weighty and so well polished it could have doubled up as a mirror.The pièce de résistance – dainty posies of roses placed in clear jam jars to dress the tables.Today, as a fine art photographer, Aaron’s company has owned and operated two thriving galleries in the San Diego area for the past 9 years, one downtown and the other in Solana Beach.The company is looking to open a third gallery in the next year.The most exciting piece in the works is a 20-foot surfboard sculpture, comprised of 65 eco friendly, algae-based surfboards.This sculpture was commissioned by an international commercial development company to be displayed in their shopping mall retail properties around the US.

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