2016 gay dating guidlines

* Arm your support reps with some phrases they can use when customers cross the line, and authorize them to tell line-crossing customers to cut it out.

For example, “I want to keep our conversation focused on your account” or “I’m not here to discuss that, so let’s get back to your account.” * Empower your support reps to escalate things to a manager if the language above doesn’t work.

Your manager not only doesn’t realize that, but his comment was a good way to discourage people from telling him about more serious incidents. Here’s what I’d do: Find someone in your company who’s above your manager and who you have decent rapport with and know to be generally reasonable.There seems to be a growing belief among some Christians that sex BEFORE marriage is NOT a sin.They can quote to you all of the biblical passages that talk about adultery, and give there rational for why they believe those passages only apply to married and divorced individuals.These are situations that you can’t really get out of, because the issue the customer entered into chat for needs to be resolved, and it’s hard to know when, as a support representative, you honestly have the right to say “hey, cut that crap out.” These are also customers that we will need to continue working with on a fairly regular basis as they continue to use our software.What can I do to try and discourage this behavior in future from this client (if he continues to be unprofessionally forward) and make sure my employee knows that this isn’t something she has to tolerate?And it sounds like that might involve getting them to think about the issue for the first time, given your manager’s awful response.Companies responsible for preventing sexual harassment not only by other coworkers, but also by clients (and vendors, and anyone else an employee comes in contact with in the course of her work).I work at a smallish software company (just under 100 employees over 2 locations).I’m middle management in the technical support department, and we have a live chat system that we use to interact with customers.Approach that person, tell them that you have concerns about chronic sexual harassment that you and other reps are facing from customers, that you’d like guidelines on how to deal with it, and that your manager was distinctly unhelpful when you approached him about it, so you’re wondering what your next step should be.What I’d like to see them do at that point is: * Remove the photos from the chat system.

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