2016 dating man

I think this is one of the best directed horror/thriller films I have seen for some time.It doesn't spend too much time in developing its characters.If we end up grabbing drinks later and a woman insists on paying, I really like that a lot.

The very first shot of the film itself is masterful in the way the camera moves from an overhead position gradually to a ground level one to reveal what's happening along with a gradual rise in the volume of the music.

The central theme lying at the heart of ' Don't Breathe' is the sense of claustrophobia, a sense of being trapped/imprisoned.

The director shows us a number of appropriate images like window bars, bars outside gates, prison like shadows being cast by Venetian blinds,etc. This theme resonates both in a literal sense with the kids being imprisoned in the house that they had planned to rob in the first place, as well as on a broader symbolic level because it is made clear that these youngsters aspire to break out of the 'prison' of life in a financially ailing Detroit and head for California.

It contains beautiful scenes of friendship and love and acceptance of all human beings.

Really teaches you about a deeper mening about life.

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