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A very memorable series all in all and I shall be hoping for another JCW-NJH collaboration in the future. in middle i think they stretched the drama unnecessarily.. after 30 episodes i think you will get addicted to the story..

I want to see how they depict a more intense, angsty vibe, so a melodrama a la 'Secret Love' would be great. i loved the acting of ji chang wook & choi tae joon.. It’s been months but I can’t seem to be able to move on from this drama.

My favorite drama by a large distance, i love me some Nam ji hyun, beautiful smart and charismatic,never really thought i could watch a repeat of a korean drama but this just makes me smile with love . It must be a spell or something and this never happened to me in over a decade of drama watching.

It may not be a perfect drama with tight enough writing but it sure is one of those that gets you attached to it.

It is totally not your everyday drama The love story focus only on the main cast, so silly love trianglr or third person thingy, it develop only within the two The cast was just awesome, every character is strong, even the villain The OST is great and fits perfectly The chemistry of the main leads is just freaking surreal ❤️❤️ Highly recommended Just finished this drama with my mom and sis. The actors too; Changwook and Jihyun's chemistry.... So even though I watched this drama in like three days, and its been a few months since I watched it, I keep thinking about the male lead ji chang wook. The way they make every single character in the film so strong and memorable is amazing, the villain Jung soo, Mr.The lead pair has scintillating chemistry which is the main selling point of Suspicious Partner.Their skills are on par and match each other point-for-point through the smoothly flowing moods created across the narrative.This is a drama where just about everyone knows how to do their job.The writing could've pulled up a few stakes and the history-with-dads was a cliche that could've been avoided, but Nam Ji Hyun and Ji Chang Wook are more than capable of selling such makjang with their enormous talent, and they did.Bong-Hee is hurt by her boyfriend's apparent infidelity and tells him that she will sleep with the next man she bumps into.Bong-Hee indeeds propositions the next man she bumps into.It was HELLA good and we have decided to mark this drama as our most favorite so far! I've watched a lot of other dramas with him in it, but this one is definitely the best. Bang, Mr Byun, their moms, the ex, etc The soundtracks is crazy good!!I really hope he does more romantic comedies when he comes back from the military. This is one of my most fav dramas which makes my heart flutters ..... Love them all The chemistry between main leads is spectacular, you can feel that love is in the air (kyaaaaaa) Already watched it 3 times now, and I believe I can't stop This drama is hard to watch, but since I'm almost halfway done, I'm just going to finish it. Beginning, she was 4 level taekwondo expert with a soft heart for love, but with a real brazen personality.A study by researchers at Queen Mary University of London shows men like women whose names draw to their physical attractiveness, while women like men whose attributes are showcased as intelligent, cultured, brave, and altruistic.Bong-Hee (Nam Ji-Hyun) is a judicial apprentice at the Judicial Research and Training Institute.

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