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Say that you hope she understands if she doesn't stop, you will have to take this further up the ladder.

Well, I was at a social function and Amanda happened to be there. When she saw me she made me promise not to say anything, and now I feel torn.Unfortunately, he wasn't fully prepared to become a stepparent, and she discovered he'd developed a really nasty temper since they'd graduated.They divorced this past April, and she's still understandably devastated about her second divorce in five years.A: I think you, and possibly another likeminded colleague, should go out for coffee with the office scourge and coolly and professionally explain to her that you're disturbed by her disparagement of your co-worker and that she needs to stop.Reiterate that your colleague has medical issues, and her insults have no place in your place of work.Just that he has to understand his dad has a problem and you are going to do your best to be warm and cordial, but keep your distance. Mean Girl at the Office: I work in a very small office (3 women and 4 men).One of the women constantly talks about one of our co-workers in a disparaging manner—commenting on the person's presentation and odor. Awkward Run-in With Future Father-in-Law: My future in-laws stayed with us for several days a few weeks ago.They live on the other side of the country, so I have actually only met them once (though my fiance generally only has good things to say about his parents).But I don't see how Amanda drinking at a party jeopardizes Sam's own sobriety.I think this is an issue for the two of them, and you should stay out of it. Pregnancy Announcements: I am happily and unexpectedly pregnant.

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